Strategic Goal

Our company 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) has as a permanent and strategic goal its establishment in a leading position in the field of roadside assistance services in Greece, providing solutions to operational issues of its customers' vehicles. In this context, our company, having a well-trained workforce, makes a collective effort in order to provide high quality services tailored to the specific needs of its customers.

In the field of roadside assistance in Greece, 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) is able to provide its customers with timely and responsible solutions using highly effective methods.

The goal of our company is through the provision of roadside assistance services to ensure the safe and immediate return of our customers on the road, while the operational procedures are optimized after a series of preventive actions that we suggest to you during your subscription.

All employees in our workforce share the vision of our company 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) and are characterized by a sense of pride and loyalty, which is the main reason for their continuous development and intensive enhancement of their experience in the field of roadside assistance services.

At the same time, 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) is committed to its customers and staff and to the quality of the services it provides, as the best service is a personal matter for it, since through the company manages to "build" its reputation in the Greek market.

Management Commitment

Our company 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) has as its principles honesty and sincerity towards its customers. These characteristics govern all the human resources of our company and result in the smooth operation of its services and consequently the satisfaction of its customers.

The integrity of our company 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) stems from the commitment of the management and the policy it follows to comply with what it guarantees. Specifically, 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) operates under strict rules and fully conforms to those for which is updated and always ensures compliance with all applicable provisions.

Admittedly, our company maintains an average customer response time of 45 minutes, which is a very efficient customer and event management program. For this reason, the human resources and external partners of 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) are selected and trained appropriately by the company so that during their work it can be harmonized with the following:

To show courtesy, honesty and ingenuity, which are necessary qualifications for the successful performance of his duties.
To take care of the immediate recognition of the problem, achieving the acquisition of the client's trust.
Adhere to the rules and conditions of the subscription chosen by the customer.
To be distinguished by excellent morals, impeccable appearance, seriousness, composure, responsibility, confidentiality, discretion, decent behavior and perception.

Our company 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) is committed to providing high quality services, adapted to the latest market requirements. The realization of this goal is achieved with the coordinated efforts of the Management and the executives of the company:

To establish the optimal organizational structure and administrative operating procedures
To create a climate of responsibility and cooperation of staff

The responsibility for formulating the quality policy, as well as the administrative control of its implementation, belongs to the responsibilities of the General Manager of 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care).

Continuous Improvement

The human resources and external partners of 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) are selected with strict criteria, in order to fully meet the high standards set by our company. At the same time, it is part of the company’s policy to invest in the ongoing education and training of its associates, regarding the modern procedures of providing roadside assistance services.

The training materials and training programs, which have been developed by the company in collaboration with internationally recognized scientists and experts, are the basis on which the training of the 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) workforce is based. The training of the staff is carried out by specialized / certified trainers, graduates, with many years of professional experience in the field of roadside assistance services and is designed for the purpose of our trained staff:

To inspire confidence and be inspired by values,
To act with foresight and forethought,
To develop individual abilities and skills and
Ensure that the performance of tasks complies with the standards.

The training is divided into two phases: the first concerns the theoretical training, while the second includes practical training in the workplace, emphasizing the specific subjects, the specific tasks of each employee, the special needs of each position and the specialized needs of the client. At regular intervals, our trainers perform knowledge maintenance training and learn new methods of control and action, while they are constantly monitored and evaluated in their workplace.

Our company 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) ensures that it is constantly updated technologically and makes use of new technological means in the roadside assistance services it provides. In this way, in combination with the continuous training of its workforce, the continuous improvement of its services and the satisfaction of the needs of its customers is achieved.

Customer Focus

Our company 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) having excellently trained executives, but also external specialist partners:

Analyzes and evaluates the needs of its customers ensuring that these needs are always intertwined with existing legislation, wherever and if any.
It turns the demands of its customers into goals, which it implements by implementing the appropriate program.

Following the above method, 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) aims to meet the needs of its customers quantitatively, temporally and qualitatively, as its customers are the first priority for the company. By maintaining a consistent and effective customer management strategy, 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) provides solutions maximizing the well-being of its customers and achieving successful partnerships.

Our company 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) wishing to be the most important helper in the return of its customers in time and safely on the road implements a customer-centric policy in order to ensure operational viability. In addition, if our company finds out afterwards that there are complaints and / or problems, it takes care through appropriate corrective and / or preventive actions and interventions, on the one hand to satisfy the customer, and on the other hand not to repeat the same practices.