Transportation of the immobilized vehicle to a point of choice of the customer.

Tire change

On-site tire change if there is a spare in the vehicle.

Fuel Depletion

Transportation of the vehicle to the nearest gas station.

Battery charging

On-site charging of the battery.

Take advantage now!

From 30 € and without a contract

Why PRC?

Clear prices

Cost estimation based on service area, Estimation of time based on the service area, Estimate the cost of transporting the vehicle to the address indicated by the customer, Provision of services without a contract.


In case there is no cash available, you can use the card payment option through the POS that our employee will have.

Online tracking

Immediately after our telephone communication, you will receive an SMS with a link through which you will be able to watch our vehicle live and evaluate our services.

Vehicle safety

Safety of your vehicle during transport as all our crane trucks are insured for professional civil liability.

Large and valid network of partners

The Company was founded in Greece in 1996, numbering over 1.4 million. Insured in Greece for Roadside Assistance, over 100 million Insured Worldwide.

Leading position

Our company 24/7 PRC (Personalized Road Care) has as a permanent and strategic goal its establishment in a leading position in the field of roadside assistance services in Greece, providing solutions to operational issues of its customers' vehicles.

Get to know the application Near To You!

The application sends SMS to your location and is an important tool for any driver.